About Me

Evren Sener is a freelance screenplay writer and author.

She was born in 1978 in Istanbul, Turkey, and gained Dutch citizenship through naturalization. She lives in the Netherlands with her daughter and husband.

Evren studied food engineering and completed her MBA at ITU in Turkey. To learn more about research science, she came to Holland to study Human Nutrition, Health, and Disease at Wageningen University and gained her MSc in 2011.

During her formal education, she kept writing short stories, book reviews, and articles for two decades and conducted interviews for several newspapers, journals, and magazines in Turkey. She continued her writing career by publishing lifestyle and diet books related to her educational background. She has traditional and self-published 16 books in total.

During her holidays, she attended short-term courses in Gujarat Ayurved University and Yoga Swami Vivekananda Yoga University in India. Due to her connection to Ayurveda and Yoga, she was introduced to Sanskrit and studied Sanskrit at Leiden University. Through the scripts, she went deep into spirituality and started writing in the young adult fantasy spirituality genre. She published her first YA fantasy book on Amazon Kindle in 2012 and then in 2014 in Turkey. The year it was published, her book was selected out of 500 finalists in Amazon’s book contest among 20.000 applications.

Evren took private lessons from Hollywood’s famous script teachers such as Larry Wilson, Harrison Reiner, and Syd Field to exalt in her writing. In 2020, she joined Zeynep Atakan’s film production workshop and made short movie trials.

Now she is actively working on her children’s stories, novels, screenplays, and Sanskrit-Turkish script translations.  At the same time, she is collecting and spreading the news related to conservation, the environment, and health because the world is our home and we have nowhere else to go. We have to protect and secure the future for the next generations as well as for the species. It is our top responsibility to stop the species from going extinct.

To view the list of her books and learn more about her works please visit her websites below.