A Hungry Fox Sniffed The Left-Overs Out

A hungry fox sniffed the left-overs out, and as you can see his delicate head was caught within a jagged tin resulting in the animal suffering a terrible death – the bin was ten meters away! 

This death could have been avoided if the campers had disposed their waste into a bin TEN METERS AWAY. Taking their rubbish to home was also an option. There were no excuses!

The EPA (Environmental Protection Act 1990) Section 89 (1) prohibits anyone from dumping litter or fly-tipping within England, Scotland and Wales. International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action England will film and photograph anyone caught leaving their waste outside of the domestic living area (and on private land). Once that evidence has been obtained with car registration plates and more we’ll pass that evidence on to the Environmental Protection Agency and Police. 

IARFE officers do have the means to record offenders via the use of battery powered cameras that can be fitted to just about anything and anywhere where we suspect littering is about to take place, or where reports of littering have been reported in the past. Finally, each individual will be exposed. 

This could result in a fixed penalty notice [FPN] from £500 – £2,500GBP fine, or if an animal has died as a result of littering you could also be charged under EPA (Environmental Protection Act 1990) Section 89 (1), Animal Welfare Act 2006, and the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835. EPA Section 87 and 88 – Dropping litter / Fixed Penalty Notices; It is an offense to drop litter in any place open to the air, including private land, and land covered by water. A person found guilty can be fined up to £2,500. Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) may be issued by local authorities to people caught in the act. If paid on time the offender avoids facing a criminal prosecution or summoned to court. 

It is your duty to clean up after yourself, there is zero tolerance policy for this behavior. When camping, fishing, out on a picnic, walking the dog (and not cleaning up after the animal), even dropping litter in the street – is a criminal offense.  

IARFE is an independent self-funded organization that takes animal abuse, wildlife crime and environmental crime deadly serious. A hard line approach is taken to those that are caught in the act, or even contemplating it. Please enjoy the countryside and wildlife responsibly.